Sunday, February 21, 2021





The QAPAS initiative launched by the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Qassim nearly a year ago, received more than 256 cases, despite the unprecedented critical health conditions brought by the pandemic (COVID19) to the entire world for the year 2020.  This initiatives aims to reach out to all patients with acute heart attack from all hospitals in the region and bring them all along to the cardiac catheterization laboratory within 90 minutes from diagnosis to avoid the occurrence of complications from heart attack as well as ensure the rapid stability of the situation. Coordination is being done through a unified hotline number that operates 24 hours a day, connected to the alternate Interventionist, technicians and nurses, who are in an on call duty to do the necessary work as well as coordinating to secure a bed to sleep in the center. The patient on the other hand, receives utmost care and attention, and will be discharged in a very stable condition within 48 hours, and must be in good health and wellness.

As the number of cases received at the district level reached 256 patients, 71 cases from Al-Mithnab General Hospital, and 33 cases from Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib, 42 cases from Buraidah Central Hospital, 7 cases from Ayyun Al-Jawa Hospital, 40 cases from Al-Rass General Hospital, 28 cases from Al-Badaa General Hospital, 13 cases from Al-Asyah Hospital, 16 cases from King Saud Hospital, and 19 cases from Riyadh Al-Khabra Hospital And 26 cases from Al-Bukayriyah General Hospital, 3 cases from Al-Zulfi Hospital, 2 cases from Al-Qawara Hospital, 3 cases from Qabba Hospital, 5 cases from Al-Qassim National Hospital, and 2 cases from Al-Hayat Hospital, may Allah heal them all.