Tuesday, February 16, 2021





Prince sultan Cardiac Center Qassim beams with pride as they achieved a performance rate of 99.9% for carrying out its task in monitoring a total of 2,230 cases for venous thrombosis in the year 2020. It was PSCCQ’s aim to target its desired goal of helping a larger populace as shown in the center’s annual report with regards to the prevention of the said ailment.

This program is considered as one of the main schemes of the Ministry of Health in preventing the aforementioned disorder.  It is a known fact that the occurrence of venous thrombosis is a big threat to human life. However, it is deemed preventable and can definitely be avoided by following the methods of prevention used internationally, as well as following the health protocols set by the Saudi Ministry of Health.  In which case, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center has paid thorough attention on this matter. They dwelt on reports and team up to see how the program runs after its implementation. 

PSCCQ’s Medical Director, Dr. Abdullah Al-Qwaee, happily confirmed with high praises to the Almighty Allah, that last year, 2020,  the medical team assigned to this program achieved good, positive, and impressive results in monitoring a total of 2,230 patients with venous thrombosis.  The center’s staff made sure that the safety protocols for its prevention was applied thus, avoiding its re-occurrence. Furthermore, there were 79 random cases raised every month for electronic venous thrombosis prevention program of the Qassim Health Cluster until finally attaining the required 99%. 

Dr. Al-Qwaee was also glad to share that after receiving this rated indicator, the center received praises and gratifying messages from the management of the Health Cluster in Al-Qassim. This is known to be the largest support for achieving more and more achievements. And it should be noted that this program served a large segment of patients within the Qassim region and from other regions including Hail, Zulfi, Al Majmaah, and others. 

The 99.9% performance rate achieved by PSCCQ for this program is a vivid manifestation of how the center works on its best to serve the people in the best way they can.