Tuesday, January 12, 2021





The Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Qassim has catered and provided health services to more than 85,451 beneficiaries last year 2020 AD.  There were 49,456 who were outpatients and 2,005 patients were admitted. A total of 2,852 cases were transferred to the center and 3,584 patients underwent cardiac catheterization operations. A number of 274 heart surgeries were performed and a total of 27,274 patients for non-invasive medical procedures. 

The center’s Center for Education and Training was able to provide 111 CME training hours. The number of training beneficiaries reached a total of 686 trainees. There were 14 accredited specialized courses and 3 published research. 

The overall sum of the Simulation and Clinical Skills Training Center courses exceeded 106, while the number of training beneficiaries was around 1,184. The center also provided 51 Basic Life Support (BLS) courses with 460 trainees.

It is notable that the center’s achievement index for PALS courses reached a total of 23 courses with 256 beneficiaries; the number of ACLS courses reached 18 courses with 177 beneficiaries. The center also held 12 sessions for conscious anesthesia (Conscious Sedation) and 284 trainees benefited from it. More so, the center also catered to 284 beneficiaries for their 12 courses related to the emergency corona virus. To add, 2 trainer’s training courses for Basic Life Support (BLS) were conducted with 8 trainers as beneficiaries.

PSCCQ has extended its scope not only to treating patients and giving them medical services but also in conducting a series of extensive trainings and workshops to enhance their skills and practical knowledge. This is the center’s way to continue giving quality medical service to their recipients.