Tuesday, November 12, 2019





The intervention team of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim successfully conducted the operation through interventional catheter without undergoing surgery. This difficult and rare procedure in implanting the aortic valve through cardiac catheterization inside an artificial valve was finally and effectively executed in the center.  Though there wasn't a surgery, the successful operation still gave the patient's right to experience full and complete recovery since they are discharged from the hospital a day after the operation.

Dr. Saleh Alghofaili, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist performed the operation. He further stated that the patient is an 85 years old Saudi national. The said patient was attended at the center's emergency department because he was suffering from pulmonary oedema as a result of narrowing of the artificial valve which was implanted to him 15 years ago.

Since the case needs urgent medical attention, the Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Yousri El Moazamy recommended that the best solution is to conduct valve implantation within the former valve without undertaking surgery. And there was no general anesthesia given through interventional catheter.

Furthermore, after a series of procedures, the operation was successfully done. And for the record, this marked a history in the field of medical service since this is the first time that such rare and difficult cases was achieved as targeted in the region. According to Dr. Alghofaili, this one of a kind operation requires high skill capabilities and special or advanced knowledge.

For the information of everybody, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim has made this operation available for patients who suffer from these cases.