Wednesday, October 30, 2019





The Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim successfully conducted the two-day Conscious Sedation Course on October 29-30, 2019. This conscious sedation course was intended for physicians, nurses, and medical technicians. 

The first day was comprised of a series of lectures elaborating the steps from choosing and preparing the patient, until the process of how to perform and conduct conscious sedation. Moreover, the speakers also presented a review of the latest findings in this particular area of equipment as well as the medicines used including the detailed explanation of its expected complications and more importantly the preventive measures to take if such cases may possibly occur. 

Meanwhile, on the second day of the course, a series of workshops were undertaken to train the participants on how to distinguish and address the complications that may arise. At the same time, illustrative films were also shown to fully enhance the knowledge of the participants. 

The Head of Cardiac Anesthesia Department of PSCCQ, Dr. Mutasim Ahmed Hammad was overwhelmed with the outcome of the course. This program accredited for 11 hours of medical education is truly a great help and advantage for those in the medical field.