Monday, October 7, 2019





The Department of Education, Training, and Research of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim conducted a two-day Train the Trainers course last September 29-30, 2019 at the PSCCQ Conference Room. This is the fifth among the series of specialized training courses offered by the Center and it was attended by 45 nurses from the center and from various hospitals in Qassim Region.  

Furthermore, Ms. Laila Mahmoud, the Deputy Nursing Director and likewise, the instructor of the trainers emphasized the importance of this particular training course. Accordingly, she said that this program serves as a substantive additional learning tool that will improve the performance of health practitioners in raising their proficiency and excellence in dealing with patients and bearing with whatever problems they may face. She was also overwhelmed with the positive result of the program and is looking forward to conduct related courses in the future so they can reach out to more health professionals in making their work more efficient.