Statistic showed that PSCCQ catered 7,890 services for one month

Thursday, September 26, 2019





Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Al Qassim released today its statistics for one month from August 25 to September 21, 2019.  The center has catered services to a total of 7,890. 

The statistics have shown that cardiac catheterization, catered (277) cases, while cardiac surgery has performed (44) cases for this month. PSCCQ also received (225) patient referrals from neighboring hospitals that required specific cardiac medical attention while (2,869) patients both adult and children with cardiac conditions has undergo Non–Invasive procedures. The statistics have shown that (3,901) patients have visited the cardiac OPD and the total number of admission reached to (206) during the said period.

Total of (136) patient also have received clinical education while (232) patients have been provided assessment and appropriate interventions to aid the patient in achieving optimum recovery.